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Vervisco Viscoelastic Mattress

Vervisco is an economical mattress ideal for youth bedrooms or second homes. With two differentiated and useful sides, one of them with quilted viscoelastic, Verivisco is firm and with a certain adaptation to the silhouette of the body.  Made with...

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Sior Viscoelastic Mattress

The Sior mattress is ideal for second homes. Medium-high firmness. Made with viscoelastic, a highly resilient, soft and adaptable material that improves the pressure we exert with our weight when we sleep. Its flexibility and resilience make it...

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Dak Viscoelastic Mattress

Dak mattress is firm, maintains the ergonomics of the body and achieves a cosy effect thanks to its graphene viscoelastic padding. With this we achieve a better evacuation of heat during rest, greater reduction of static electricity and a natural...

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Game Viscoelastic Mattress

Game mattress, articulated and removable cover. Highly recommended for growing children and people looking for a rest with medium adaptability. Made with viscoelastic, a highly resilient, soft and adaptable material that improves the pressures we...

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Frost viscoelastic mattress

The Frost mattress, a medium firm mattress with a high degree of adaptation to the body's silhouette thanks to the gel particles incorporated into the viscoelastic. Highly recommended for people looking for an intermediate firmness and a high...

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Wolf Viscoelastic Mattress

The Wolf mattress, elegant and ideal for double rooms. Its soft upper padding provides the body with a gradual welcome, which, together with its 7 cm of viscoelastic, achieves great body adaptation and pressure reduction. Made with viscoelastic, a...

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Feely Viscoelastic Mattress

The Feely mattress is firm and highly breathable. It is recommended for hot people. Thanks to the material it is made of (Dryfeel®), it evacuates heat and moisture quickly and prevents the proliferation of bacteria and absorbs unpleasant odours....

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