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Variér MOVE Ergonomic Chair

MOVE Don't just sit there, move Design: Per Øie Move is the chair in the Varier collection which allows for the widest range of movement, enabling seamless transitions from sitting to near standing positions. You can use it as your primary work...

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Variér MULTI Ergonomic Chair

MULTI For an upright and strong stance Design: Peter Opsvik Multi is a funky chair that pushes the boundaries of conventional furniture pieces. It offers a cool sitting alternative intended not only for the workspace, but anywhere you might want...

€700.00 Tax included

Variér WING Ergonomic Chair

WING For an upright and strong stance Design: Peter Opsvik Wing is a special exception within the Varier collection as it is the only kneeling chair with wheels. Wing is many things in one, it is a kneeling chair, it features a swivel base with...

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Variér THATSIT Ergonomic Chair

THATSIT For an active mind and a strong posture Design: Peter Opsvik Protective felts for the skates included. Thatsit is an evolution of the iconic Variable. It is an ideal work chair for either the home or the office and is designed for seamless...

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Variér KOKON Ergonomic Chair

KONON A timeless classic for true relaxation Design: Thomas Pedersen Kokon has a modern spirit that sets it apart from other traditional recliners. It supports your body while incorporating a smooth tilt function in the base. Thanks to its...

€2,999.00 Tax included

Variér PEEL Ergonomic Chair

PEEL The chair for complete relaxation of body and mind Design: Olav Eldøy Available with a choice of left or right opening.  Peel I: Viewed from the front, opening to the left. Peel II: Facing it from the front opening to the right.  Peel is...

€2,999.00 Tax included