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LÁMINA 120 HAYA bed base

The bed base Lámina 120 Haya is made of 120 mm beech slats with an aluminium look finish, joined by polyethylene blocks to the frame both in the centre and on the sides. The blocks act as a cushioning system in the rest and reduce the noise of our...

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Resistant bed base with firmness regulators in the lumbar area for greater reinforcement and better support of the body. With them you can regulate the firmness you want in your rest. Silent high resistance polyethylene blocks that provide a great...

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KANGURO 120 Haya bed base

Kanguro bed bases are specially designed to have two beds in one. The lower part is hidden under the upper part when not in use, without taking up space. When we want to use it, we pull it out and it is easily extracted thanks to its wheels,...

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Geriatric mattress

Complete the rest of convalescent people thanks to the geriatric mattress. It provides maximum pressure relief during rest thanks to its profiled core and 4 cm of viscoelastic. Mattress designed for perfect articulation. Its waterproof, washable,...

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Motorised articulated bed base that allows us to sit up or lie down by activating a remote control. It has 5 planes of articulation for greater comfort, being able to choose between the different positions the one that best suits each moment....

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