Decoration rug J35

Rugs for the living room with a super soft touch and greater resistance to daily wear and footfall. Our decorative rugs are an excellent choice for the everyday life of your favourite corner of the home. The bedroom, the living room, the sitting...

€125.60 Tax included

Comotex Visco Cot Mattress

Cot mattress made with 10 cm of soft HR and 2 cm of viscoelastic padding on the upper part. It provides a comfortable and soft rest together with the adaptability that the baby needs. It will prolong their sleep as it prevents them from having...

€80.00 Tax included

Special designs to dress your home

Home is your main resting place. A place where you can disconnect and be calm. That is the reason why it is important that you have the accessories that best suit your style. In our online shop you will find all kinds of accessories, both decorative and practical, from bed linen to blinds or even toys for the little ones at home.