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Comotex HR Crib Mattress

Cot mattress made of high density foam and soft viscose fabric with a soft and smooth touch. Padded with 2.5 cm of supersoftness. Made as a closed mattress for greater support of the core. Excellent for our babies. Product made in SPAIN....

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Baby Nest By Lässig

With the Baby Nest from LÄSSIG you will find a sleeping place for your baby wherever you go. The 100 % organic cotton cover and the functional sleeping surface guarantee a pleasant sleeping temperature. The best breathable comfort. Material 100%...

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Comotex Visco Cot Mattress

Cot mattress made with 10 cm of soft HR and 2 cm of viscoelastic padding on the upper part. It provides a comfortable and soft rest together with the adaptability that the baby needs. It will prolong their sleep as it prevents them from having...

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Comotex BioGreen Cot Mattress

The BioGreen cot mattress stands out for the incorporation of the Anti-drowning System for babies. This consists of a perforated mattress core that prevents the risk of the baby suffocating during sleep. It incorporates a firmer safety perimeter...

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